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Trying to sell my jewelry for the first time


I am an American citizen currently living in Israel. I will soon
complete my first collection of high end 18K gold jewelry. I am
interested in selling my jewelry in galleries, stores and department
stores in the US (starting with NYC and LA), but I am afraid there is
so much I don’t know, since this is the first time I’m attempting
such a thing. I am sorry for “bombarding” you with questions… I
wish to thank you all in advance for helping me in this frustrating

My questions -

  1. I have been advised that US stores and galleries wouldn’t want to
    deal directly with a foreign designer, because of the relative
    inconvenience, and that I should get a local sales rep to market my
    jewelry. I would love to hear your thoughts on this. I have also
    tried to search for a sales rep with no success, and would
    appreciate insight on this issue as well…

  2. Is it plausible that I’ll be able to schedule meetings with
    galleries & stores for December, or should I wait until after
    Christmas (since its such a busy time for the stores and they might
    not have time to meet me)?

  3. Do major galleries only “represent” jewelers (consignment), or do
    they also purchase pieces outright? How common is consignment in
    general for high end items?

  4. When ordering, what is the average time galleries and stores
    expect in terms of delivery? Is one month from order until delivey

Thanks for all for sharing your knowledge,

Jonathan Silo