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Trying to make pripps

Hi Everyone, I am trying to make Pripps Fluid with the formula on
Ganoksin. I have used the 3,2,2 ration but everytime I make it and
let is sit it crystalizes and has to be reheated. Can someone tell
what I am doing wrong? I use a 1/4 measuring cup for the dry material
and add water to more than cover it all and then bring it to a boil
for awhile, after cooling and sit for a time it starts to crystalize.
Please help

George in Green Bay

HI George,

Your Pripps flux is fine. As the solution cools, crystals will form.
Go ahead and spray some of the liquid on a warmed metal. It should
dry quickly to a frosty surface. Keep heating and spraying until you
have a uniform coat of “frost.” That’s what you want to banish fire
scale… or you could simply switch to Argentium or another de-ox

Judy in Kansas, where the cold frost missed my plants. Good warning
though. Time to fumigate before bringing them inside for the winter.

Hi George,Try measuring by weight rather than volume (grams rather
than cups.) I accidently measured my ingredients with cups once and
wound up with a solid block of crystal mess.

Good luck!