Trying to Liquidate Turquoise and Silver Jewelry


I’m at a loss. We are completely changing out our inventory and are
trying to move out what we have as quickly as possible. Has anyone
else successfully liquidated inventory? We have lowered our prices to
below our cost and have been selling to the public through a friend
and our web site Desert Canyon Jewelry. But that’s slow going.
Typically we have sold at white tent sales but have stopped. We sold
Native American jewelry, our own created jewelry, turquoise and
silver beads, and rough. This jewelry type in particular turned out
to be a bad idea in Arizona. We were competing with Native Americans
selling their own work all around us at the shows. In spite of this
misadventure, we did discover a niche for ourselves. But it doesn’t
include the bulk of our inventory. What to do with it?

I’m wondering has anyone tried simply placing an add in the
classifieds advertising inventory liquidation? A jewelry estate
sale of sorts? Would we simply direct people to our web address or
instead direct them to our garage (we’re a home base business)?

I’m not good at promoting myself. Maybe I should start small with
little boutiques and tourist shops rather than galleries? Do I
simply mail local shops our web address and a color print-out
catalog of our jewelry and beads? Or should I stop by for a face to
face and drop off my card? I’m feeling a little paralyzed as to
which direction to take. Thank you in advance for any advice or


Hi Diana -

Have you considered eBay or (a beads-only auction



Why not look into eBay. If you are a member you can do a search of
how much pieces have sold for over the past several weeks. this may
give you a clue as to whether or not this is an option of
liquidating your inventory.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of listing and managing
the items, there are people around the country that will list the
items for you at a small fee.

Good Luck
Greg DeMark
Custom Jewelry - Handmade Jewelry - Antique Jewelry

though there are companies that do liquidation, this may take more
time and money then you are willing to invest…

I think that stopping by local stores and introducing ourself and
what you are doing will be your best bet…you might be able to fill
a hole in someone elses inventory. letters have a habit of getting
lost, thrown away and not read…introducing yourself and your
objective will open the door for you in many businesses and give you
a more positive reaction. Plus, you may get some other ideas and
options by doing this! and if you have some “finer” native american
styles you may want to opt them out to a gallery. or you can alway
ebay…that way you get more of what you were asking for by putting a
reserve on the auction. Even a small ad in the back of lapidary
journal or another such magazine may do the trick for you too! good
luck and hope you found this response of some help!


This sounds like sacrilege but eBay might do it. My sister recently
wanted a concho belt and looked on eBay for a bargain (to buy) but
the prices are sky high for all turquoise and silver jewelry it’s
fashionable right now. Ebay is ever the seller’s market prices get up
way over what stuff is really worth!

Dear Diana,

You might consider giving away a piece of the surplus jewelry as a
bonus with the sale of other items that ARE selling. People love
something for “nothing” !

Ron Mills , Mills Gem Company, Los Osos, Ca.


You could also consider giving a couple pieces to local charitable
organizations to auction off. This is a time of year when many
organizations have fairs, auctions, and raffles, and would be
delighted with such a gift. It won’t fill your pockets, but it would
give you a chance to support an organization you care about.

Just a thought, brought on by spending several days trying to figure
out how my church is going to pay for the new furnace we just
discovered we need! :slight_smile:


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