Trying to ID a slab

Maybe someone will know what this is. Someone said it is Wyoming
Jade. It is about 18 sq in and9/16 thick. It is black and grey, a
magnet will stick to the black part. It weighs 14 !/2 ozs.
Thanks in advance, Silverbear

Silverbear, Wyoming jade is nonmagnetic, but black hematite is.
Sounds like you have hematitie or maybe magnetite in some sort of

sounds like it could be psilolemane, or something of or similar to
the same family of magnatites. It has been many years sinces I studied
any geology so I am not sure.

Todd Reed

Silverbear, it sounds like magnetite (an iron ore) in jade. I’ve
seen slabs with the magnetite gold-electroplated.

There is jade from there, I have some here and it is nice material,
never tried a magnet on it though…but it is possible that you do
have real jade there


could bed jade with magnetite inclusions. I’ve heard of it from CA
but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be from WY. looks great when the
magnetite is gold plated. best to ya gregor

I have heard of a jade with Magnetite inclusions. But I don’t
remember if it’s from Wyoming. Not very many minerals are magnetic
before heating which should help narrow the field considerably.

Hi Silverbear, It sounds like you might have a slab of haematite. It
is silvery grey and is a rich iron ore which would explain the
magnetism. However, this is just a guess without seeing it. Kind
regards, Rex from Oz

None of my Wyoming jade is magnetic. You may have some hematite. But
here’s the names of a couple of rockhounds you can access with email.
Both are jade fanatics. K.P. in WY

Ed McKnire
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David Freeman
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Silverbear, it sounds like you have some Wyoming black Jade with
Magnetite, although the grey part should be the part the magnet
sticks to. I’ve cut quite a bit of this material and it’s a bit of a
pain to get a great polish on it. I usually hand finish using diamond
tape from my dentist. You can gold plate the magnetite for a nice

Karen Hemmerle who polished a bunch of Honduran Opal tonight and has
chrome oxide fingers!

Sounds like nephrite with magnetite crystals included. I’ve seen rough from
Wyoming, and slabs attributed to both Wyoming and California. An
interesting material, subject to some undercutting if you’re not careful.
The latest “dodge” appears every once in a while on eBay - someone cuts a
nice cab of this, and then electroplates the magnetite with 24K gold, and
advertises it at eBay as jadeite with gold inclusions!


Silverbear I have a few slabs that look similar. One of the choices
could be Magnetite-jade…"{Schumann… page 206 Trade name for
opaque,black jade with galvanic gilded,originally also black,
magnetite inclusions, Mohs hardness 5.5 - 7. Density 3.4 - 4.4…
Deposit in California.USA" The best part is the magnetite will gold
plate. Keep in mind this sometimes is not easy based on the connection
of the magnetite. Could be… who knows without testing Adrian T Dyette