Trying to find manufacturer

This is my first post ever, to any list, so I hope you’ll excuse me
if I’ve done something wrong. I don’t know if anyone has any info on
this but… we are trying to figure out how you go about finding a
manufacturer over in Asia for a fine jewelry pin that we have
designed. I don’t know if we will be talking 1000’s or 10’s of
1000s that really doesn’t matter at this point. Does anyone know of
someone that does quality work. Or does anyone have any advise on
finding someone. There are hundreds and hundreds listed on the
internet, and being that we are not jewelers I don’t even have a clue
as to what to look for. Any and all help would be greatly

Thanks so much

Is there a particular reason why you are looking in Asia we are a
manufacturer based in Italy with a very good quality control
,reliable and prices to match the Asian market, try us


Anthony Ditria


Try the Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers Association for help
locating companies in that area. Their directory is online at

If you’d be willing to look for a manufacturer in the United States,
Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America can help you. Call
them at 800-444-6572 and talk to member services; they’ll be happy to
provide you with a list of U.S. based members who can do what you’re
looking for.

If you’re U.S.-based, working with someone in the U.S. has its
advantages, frequently including easier communication and sometimes
faster delivery times. If you are unfamiliar with jewelry
manufacturing, having someone willing and able to explain the
intricacies of the process and why your design will or will not work
with a particular technique can save vast sums of time and money.
With a factory on the other side of the world, you have time zone
issues to deal with, assuming you find someone willing to take the
time to educate you. It’s also easier to check references when you
work “local”, so you can be sure you’re working with an ethical
contractor, and not someone who will knock-off your design and
undersell you. (In many places, the notion of “copyright” seems to be
a pretty novel concept. Not everywhere, of course, but often enough
that you want to be sure you know who you’re doing business with.)

Don’t simply assume it’ll be tons cheaper to go overseas. Labor
costs are often lots lower overseas, but for some products technology
can reduce or even negate the difference. And for some products,
labor is actually a rather small component, especially if your pieces
are made of precious metals and fine When weighing costs,
also be sure you check the applicable tariffs: in some cases, the
import tariffs and shipping costs will negate whatever cost savings
you may achieve by going overseas. Not always, of course; depends in
part on your volume, and in part on where you are exporting from and
importing to. You may find it cheaper to work with a company in Asia,
especially if your production volume is high, but maybe not as much
cheaper as you might think.

Obviously, if you’re based in Asia, the above applies to Asian
firms, since then they’re the “local” companies!

Anyway, good luck in your search!

Suzanne Wade
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Just curious why are you looking to go overseas? Or are you from
Asia or Italy.I know I cast and most every body that I know won’t
put out anything but quality.After you get done with tarrifs and
knowing that your product is in a place with very different
laws.What if it is only a thousand. John Joines

Dear Marjorie, We are a manufacturer fm India with a committment to
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