Trying my hand at Repousse

I have been trying my hand at Repousse, have made about 15 chasing
and repousse tools and find that I need a good book to help me out.
Can anyone recommend a good book showing this technique?

Dennis Fisher

Hi Dennis,

I have an instructional DVD with e-book on Eastern Repousse and
Chasing, and Nancy Megan Corwin has a book, called Chasing and Repousse. Both can be found on Amazon and on our respective

Have fun learning the technique!

Victoria Lansford

Victoria Lansford has a wonderful CD out on Repousse’ - very clear
and well done, available at her website. No
association, just a very pleased customer. She also has great tools
for sale for repousse’ and chasing…

Beth Wicker

I love Nancy Megan Corwin’s book ‘Chasing and Repousse - Methods
Ancient and Modern’ For the beginner and up. 160+ pages packed with
info and color photos. Published in 2009. A bargain @ $35. No
relationship, just a happy reader.