Truth or Dare

Dear Mickey and All,

As to your question about moving from a mall store, I have two
examples to tell you about. I have a friend who started his
business in a mall, and then moved to a free standing storefront
several years later. The store I worked for was originally right
next to the mall, and we moved several blocks away to a Victorian
style house. In both cases, the businesses did just fine after the
move. You will lose a lot of people who are “just looking”, those
that are killing time while they wait to meet up with friends, but
your serious clients will move with you. They are coming to your
store specifically to see you and your merchandise, and they will do
that whether you are in the mall or not. This is what I have
experienced. You would probably have more trouble if you carried a
lot of low end items that were mostly impulse purchases, as these
items require a lot of traffic and sales to be profitable.

Change is always scarry; really research your possible new
locations, plan to market the move to your clients, and have faith
in yourself.

Good luck,
david lee jeweler
Mason City, Iowa