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Truth or Dare -plus questions


Our store opened one year prior to 9-11 , and the local economy was
not great then either . Currently unemployment is about 10%
we relate to your story very well . My only advice is to
promote yourself t o the fullest extent , we are involved in almost
every charity / community / arts event around , get out of the
store and meet people [ network ] look for "cross marketing"
opportunities especially with any nearby established businesses ,
stay positive , believe in yourself , show your work, persevere . Do
something extrodinary and get into the newspaper / tv , we have had
TV cameras here in our store to film us casting a piece we
designed and donated to the local charity ,it was broadcast on
morning noon and evening news . Talk to [ yes go and introduce
yourself ] to the editor of your local newspaper , they might do a
story on you [ how tough it is after 9-11 , or something else
interesting that you do ]

We sent pictures to the INSTORE magazine and have been chosen “cool
Store” of the month { feb.} now every media outlet and our whole
customer base will learn about this and we will make a big deal
about it , we can’t afford much advertising but PR , like this can
be leveraged to your advantage , it gives customers a reason to go
check you out , at least , YOUR JOB is to sell them when they come
in… Look up David Gellers web site Jeweler profit .com and buy
the 5 book package he sells … read , there is info there for all
to learn from . This is posted where I can see it every day ,

" To accomplish great things we must not only act, but also dream;
not only plan , but also believe "

all the best ,

Mark Clodius
Clodius&Co. Jewelers