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Trunk Show

I just had to report back to all who followed the thread on Dawn
Hale’s trunk show. I saw it and it was fantastic!

She does exquisite work in 18k gold and stones beautiful , intricate
designs on a very high technical level. And her nails looked great,

Karen L. Strauss

To all my wonderful Orchidian friends, I can’t thank you enough for
all your kind words of support and encouragement! It REALLY meant a
lot to me. In fact, just reading all the helpful hints and kind
thoughts that were sent my way has made the frustrations worth it.
What an amazing group of people to be associated with, I am so proud
to be a fellow Orchidian. Several Orchid members have come to visit
THANK YOU!! I hope to do the same for anyone in the NY area who
wants some support, it makes a world of difference.

As for the trunk show, it’s been great! It is exciting to get
feedback on my collection and of course the sales don’t hurt! I
have gotten lots of ideas for both expanding my line as well as
tightening it (if that makes any sense?). Sales are slow but I have
managed to sell several major pieces (yippee!), I still don’t know
what Bergdorf’s will do with my jewelry once the show is over. My
fingers are crossed that they will allow me to keep some pieces
there on consignment. I can’t believe how difficult they make it
for designers! There’s got to be a better way. Next, I may try one
of the major trade shows if I can get in.

The most difficult thing about doing the show itself has been to
stand for nine hours every day. There are no chairs for sitting and
the floor is polished concrete. So comfortable shows are a must. I
am not allowed to have business cards, but I did make up a small Bio
card to hand out with purchases. I have been learning to feel people
out in regards to how much they want or want to be left
alone. The sales people there are great. They’ve learned a lot
about my collection and bring their customers over to meet me. I’ve
offered them an incentive (of $50 cash for each sale of my jewelry
they make) as this seems to be standard at this store. Even though
all I do is stand around all day, trying to look happy all the time
and explain my techniques over and over it really is exhausting!
Next time I would do a shorter show. Still, I am grateful for the
opportunity and would be more than willing to share my experience
with any other Orchid member who would like it.

Again, thank you all for all your support and encouragement! May you
all be blessed as you’ve blessed me!