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Trunk show advice

Hi, Dawn, I agree with most of the advice so far, but I side with
the plain manicure–you can live without the calluses for 10 days!
When I do an “event,” I always get them done short, with a soft,
almost skin tone, polish, so they don’t disract from my rings, etc,
but still look “together.”

Also, I don’t know if Betty Halbreich still works as a “fashion
therapist” (i.e. personal shopper) at Bergdorf’s but, if she does,
I’d call her. First of all, she may have some good advice about how
to present yourself (she doesn’t just do “straight”) and it might be
free. Second, if she likes your jewelry, she will send you just the
"clients" who will appreciate it most.

Good luck!
Lisa Orlando
Aphrodite’s Ornaments

About the manicure. Be careful what you ask for. I had a manicure
before my first summer show in June. They glued small tips on my
nails and then added a resin to smooth the transition from my nail
to the tip but first they used a Dremel to sand my nails. I’ve been
trying to grow out the damage ever since and it will probably be
early January before I’m back to normal. This would work if you
intended to keep this type of manicure forever which would cover
your now too thin nails but once you take them off you’ve got thin
peely nails to grow out. Annette

Now there is a great idea! Lisa’s right about connecting with the
folks in the personal shopper service. (Why didn’t I remember that?!)
The fact that you will be there for 10 days (wow) will give you a
chance to build some relationships there, and allow for some follow
through. They are a great conduit to a focused audience. They do know
their clientele - that’s the job description. (And I love the term
’fashion therapist’ - way too true, on assorted levels…lol.)

Let me add another possibilty: You may want to check to see if BG
also have a “studio service” which caters to the television and film
costumers, and introduce yourself. The way it works is similar to the
personal shoppers, but the costumers usually put everything on memo
pending fittings, approvals, etc… Anything on consignment, which is
what you are, essentially, is probably off limits to the memo
process, but sometimes they’ll go ahead and buy something outright
if they love it and it works. In any case, it’s yet another conduit
to a focused audience - and you never know where a contact with a
studio costumer might lead for the future.

I really want to know how this show works out for you… :o}