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Troy versus avoidupois

Troy ounces are heavier ounces than avoirdupois, 31.1035g versus
28.35g, respectively.

Dictionary says troy system originated in France. Any history buffs
know more? I’d love to hear.

U.S. precious metals are priced “daily” in futures markets, and the
troy ounce is the unit used in quotations.

There’s a troy pound. Never used it in daily transactions, myself.

Dan from I.J.S. - sorry for the long silence.

Avoirdupois is from Middle English avoir de pois, goods sold by
weight, from Old French aveir de peis, literally, goods of weight,
from aveir, property, goods (from aveir, to have, from Latin habere,
to have, to hold, to possess property) + de, from (from the Latin) +
peis, weight (from Latin pensum, weight).

Not my own definition, I got it from: