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Trouble fabricating Clasp G

Clasp G in Classical Loop in Loop Chains & Their Derivatives


I’m having trouble fabricating Clasp G from Classical Loop in Loop
Chains & Their Derivatives.

Clasp G is, per the directions, fabricated from 16 ga sterling. The
wire is soldered into a ring. The ring is pinched in the center. Up
to here I’m good.

The remaining steps are performed while keeping the wires all in the
same plane, i.e., when wrapped around a pin, you end up with an
inside loop and another outside that.

I manage to get the initial loop formed and I end up with a doubled
loop and the ends of the wires crossed and extending up from the
vertex. The extensions are not yet closed together. From here is
where I have problems.

I am having problems bending the doubled legs back out to the
outside and creating matching bends at the base of the large circle
(at the head of the legs).

I am having problems closing each leg without having the large
inside ring pull away from the large outside ring (This also pulls
the smaller bends to mismatch at the head of the legs). This creates
problems in soldering as the gaps are too large.

If I can get these steps done, I can finish with the solder and
bending into a hook.

If this sounds confusing, it will make sense if you see Clasp G in
Classical Loop in Loop Chains.

Anyone have any experience you can share with me? If so, please be