Trim Saws?

Hi Diane, You wrote Trim saw ! Is that what you all meant! The
reason I ask is that a trim saw is a small saw that is used to trim
faceting material and to trim slabs for making into cabochons! It
can have a blade as large as 8-10"! If in fact he wants to have a saw
to cut large pieces of found rock I would suggest you get a Loretone
catalog ( or some other lapidary catalog that has a line of rock
saws)! The people who have suggested the Pixie, Titan and Genie are
suggesting that you get a machine that you can polish your stones and
trim the flats also, with an added attachment of a small blade on the
end of one of the polishing wheels. Cost on these start around $600+
on up! If in fact you wanted something to polish your rocks with you
might check on an “All-U-Need” polisher for around $300 and maybe a
“Rock Rascal trim saw” or similar starting at approx $125. If you
ask, Catalogs are usually free and you might e-mail : Rio Grande at
WWW.Rio Contenti at The Rock Peddler at Indian Jewelers Supply 800-545-6540 I don’t
have their Web site! Alpha Supply at 800-257-4211 " There are
Lots of others too numerous to mention that are excellent also!!.
Also, could I suggest that you try to find out if you have a rock
club in your vicinity and go to a meeting! There you will find a lot
of knowledgeable people who will give you a lot of assistance! Good