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Trim saw device for a faceting unit?

Hello to the list. I have a question that perhaps someone can help
with. I remember last year seeing some trim saws units that were a
blade and a couple of precision washers you put in place of the lap
on your faceting unit. They were offered on e-Bay, but I haven’t seen
one for a while. I could use such a device, but have no idea here to
get one. Anyone know who offered these things and if they are still
available? Thanks.

Henry Barwood

Henry, save your money. These units, while sounding like a good
idea, have a couple problems.

first, there is no good way short of a power spray, to get coolant
and lubrication to the bottom of the blade. This will cause
overheating on the cut, loss of the stone, damage to the blade, ETC

Secondly, you are going to have problems holding the stone in place
while cutting. The quill will want to kick up and away from the
blade, again with the potential of damage to the stone and
equipment, and you.

You are much further ahead to get a good faceters trim saw and use
it. Voice of experience here.