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Tricord knotter

I wonder whether any Orchidians have used the Tri-Cord Knotter,
which is pricey (at least in the Rio catalog), but comes with a
video. I seem to remember a long-ago article in Bead & Button
(when it was a skinny little thing) by somebody who loved it. 

Hi, Lisa,

Yes, I use the knotting tool and it does make the work go faster.
Bought it sans video, used a series of illustrations out of the Rio
catalogue. I use the two strand method. This still does not solve
the problems of stress fraying and twisting, which is basically a
handling issue when you hold the string to create the knot (you have
to do it in the same direction). I still think that one can teach
oneself this method very easily. Is the tool worth the $? I
started with it and I think you can get pretty fast, whether you use
tweezers or the knotter, but I like it’s functionality.

Best of luck,

I highly recommend the Tri-Cord Knotter. It’s consistent and
comfortable to use. You will make a few mistakes and learn very
quickly to be “in the moment” every time you slide a knot. But it’s
worth the price! The instruction video is very helpful, but you’ll
only need it once. The instruction pamphlet may be enough to get you


Thanks for the recommendation Laura. We’re putting together a CD-ROM
instruction video for those who would rather learn to use the
Tri-Cord Knotter visually, or who took a class at one time but found
the technique “fuzzy” when they returned to it after not using it for
a while. The CD is just a very short instructional video, but it’s
quite clear and easy to follow. If any of you Tri-Cord Knotter
owners would like a copy, I’ll be glad to have it sent out to you
for free. And if you haven’t bought a Tri-Cord Knotter yet, all new
knotters will go out with the CD as part of the package once we’ve
finished publishing it. I looked at the final cut before I left for
Tucson, so we may already be done duplicating it, and if we’re not,
we will be very soon.


Andrea M. Hill
Chief Executive Officer
The Bell Group (Rio Grande, Neutec, WestCast, Sonic Mill)
7500 Bluewater Road NW
Albuquerque, NM 87121
505.839.3033 ph
505.839.3032 fx

I tried this gizmo an acquaintance bought once and thought it
somewhat convenient. Still, I found a hat pin nearly as effective
and about $34.95 less expensive.

James in SoFl

I have a tricord knotter which I love! I have carpal tunnel
syndrome, and there is no way I could knot without it! I did NOT get
the video, and managed to figure out how to use it from the
instructions it comes with. Not having seen the video I have no idea
how much value it might add. I THINK I got mine from Fire Mountain,
but can’t promise - I’ve had it for quite a while. Might have gotten
it at a show. One of those tools I’m definitely glad I have.

Beth in SC

i own a tri-cord knotter and would like to try the cd. i’m looking
forward to the visual instructions.

thank you,
jean adkins
37 northridge rd
columbus, ohio 43214-3323

Hello Jean,

I expect the CD duplication to be complete this week, at which time
we will mail you a copy. Thanks for your interest!

Andrea Hill
The Bell Group

I have a tri-cord knotter but do not do as well following written
instructions as visual cues. I’d love to have something to show me
the proper use.

Eve Welts
49 Tomlin St.
Waltham MA 02451
Certified PMC instructor

Dear Eve (and other Tri-Cord Knotter owners),

A few weeks ago I mentioned on this forum that Rio Grande has
produced a CD-ROM instructional video on the proper use of the
knotter, and that I’m happy to mail a free copy to anyone who needs
one. I just got the CDs in house, and we’re mailing them out today to
everyone who has already requested their free copy. If there are any
others of you who want a copy, please email me off line and I’ll make
sure that one gets out to you (Eve, we’ll mail you yours today).


Andrea M. Hill
Chief Executive Officer
The Bell Group
7500 Bluewater Road NW
Albuquerque, NM 87121
505.839.3033 ph
505.839.3032 fx