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Tricky Business - refund on delivered ordered?

kate - the museum shop’s reason for a refund translates in every day
life as this: man buys a sports car to get attention. man doesn’t get
attention. man returns sports car to dealer & says “this car didn’t
get the attention i thought it would, i want all my money back.” the
more professional - the less wishy-washy - you are with the shop
buyer, the less aggravation you will get: "i am sorry, but it has
always been my policy on returned orders that a credit is issued
minus the 10% restocking fee (an industrywide practice for not only
putting the stock back into inventory but to help with the possible
loss of sales while those items were in the museum shop). never treat
like a case-by-case judgment call, but as a long-standing business
policy. look at this way, if she plans to stay in that business it is
better that she learns a lesson on professionalism NOW! head up, chin