Tricks with Shor Refining

Charles, I would appreciate if you shared the tricks with the Shor
system on Orchid. I have been thinking of getting one. We use all the
clean scrap in our castings, but the sweeps and polishing dust, how
will they work out?

Etienne Perret

I have a Shor system and used it with some success. I do not use it
now due to the problems with refining platinum group metals in it but
if you are doing just karat gold with no palladium whites then it
works well. I would melt my scrap prior to refining with lots of
flux to trap all the junk like abrasives from rubber wheels as they
are all lighter than the metals so they float on top of the melt and
can be easily collected by a heavy flux. The majority of the flux can
be drawn off by stirring the melt with a room temp quartz rod just
before pouring as the flux will stick to the cool rod.

BTW I would like to sell my Shor system if anyone is interested
please contact me off the list @jbin

James Binnion Metal Arts
4701 San Leandro St #18
Oakland, CA 94601