Tricks, tips & ideas to working with black pearls

Hi Orchid Followers.

Freelance writer Debbie Yonick working on another bench column for
Canadian Jewellery Business. The theme for the next issue is Tahitian
pearls. Not sure what to do but like to complement the theme of the
issue when I can. Wondering if there are tricks, tips, ideas to
working with Tahitian cultured pearls at the bench??? Think to keep
in mind, watch out for, try, new concepts in design???

Is there a tips column in this or am I grasping at straws?

The column is structure to include bullet points more than step by
step on anyone procedure per say.

Any thoughts, guidance, ideas would be appreciated.

Feel free to write back to my direct email.

Best, Debbie Yonick

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Hi Debbie,

I use a new chunk of bees wax with Tahitian pearls. I warm it up and
make a “cup” to hold the pearl then I gently put the pearl in it
(while the wax is still slightly warm). I use this method to drill
the pearl. Also, I use this for placing my 22kt granulated “caps” on
top. It’s a way of stabilizing the pearl without scratching it. It’s
like a dop-wax for the pearl. Don’t know if this is anything new or
not. I’m sure others have great ideas on this.

Patricia Tschetter
Tschetter Studios