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Trick for keeping track of things to purchase

I’m a newby to jewelry and am learning mostly by reading books,
internet and DVD’s. Something I thought you might be interested in is
that Amazon has Wishlists you can make for items you may want to
purchase–these can be from competitors websites.

They also have a browser extension, which will let you choose the
item from the website and add it to your list (Amazon calls it a

So how does it work if you have the browser extension?

  1. Find the item you’re interested in purchasing on a webpage.

  2. Click on the Amazon Wishlist browser extension. From here it’ll
    allow you to select a specific list (if you have more than the
    default) and enter comments. Then just click Okay or Done.

I’ve created a Wishlist entitled “stonesetting-jewelry” for a
current list I’m compiling for stonesetting tools.

BTW, Gerry Lewy’s Ganoksin page on “Diamond Setting Tools Explained
in Details” has been a great help (Thanks Gerry).