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Tree Trunk Rings

My latest trick: pouring silver into a ring-shaped hole in a
piece of tree trunk. Looks nice! take a look at the flaming tree
image there on the front page

I have a new system now whereby as I do something I put it up as
the frist page of my site, and number the preceding ones 3, 2,
1, and have the real index page as ‘0’.

Peter Jackson is a NZ film maker (Death Warmed Up a ‘splatter
movie’, and other good ones) and he’s doing ‘The Lord of the
Rings’ with a Hollywood company. I sent him one of my tree trunk
rings, saying I reckon this ring-making idea’d be great in the

Don’t they have goblins and things in Lord of the Rings making
rings in the wood? I have to say I never read it, preferring
Mervyn Peake’s Gormenghast trilogy at the time instead.


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