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Travelling Setter & Instructor

I am offering a 3, or a 5-day intense ‘one-on-one’ program on
gemstone setting. This program will greatly assist you in upgrading
your skills to make more sales. Travelling to your workshop & seeing
how easy it is to set fancy-cut gem-stones. You’ve been thinking
"how can I set a Princess-cut (square) stone, without breaking it?" I
explain how simple it can be in Bezel, Gypsy/Flush, Channel &
Cab-setting. You need to learn the rudiments of Pave setting? My
selection of silver patterns will give you more of an insight on how
this very creative form of setting can be easily taught.

If you attend a class of 20 or more students, all wanting serious
answers in how to learn a particular project, where are you? I guide
you (at your own bench) through every minute aspect of bur selection,
graver shaping, depth of stones, using the appropriate files & where,
finishing off the item. Interested?..Gerry Lewy!

I am interested in learning more about your teaching. What are the
costs for the 3 and the 5 day classes. I am in Tucson Arizona.