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Travelling diamond setter teacher

I’m here for the next 3 days teaching 7 students on Channel, Bezel,
4-Claw, 6-Claw & Gypsy Setting & the most easiest Princess Settings.

I’m here at “Studio JSD” in a beautiful resort town of Grand Haven,
MI. Already there are plans in place to have me return (4th time) to
Studio JSD, in October.

I will explain advanced Graver-shaping, maintenance and

Some noted schools just quickly touch on this most important aspect
of diamond Setting.

It is a very serious part of learning this highly skilled trade. I
use extensively Bright-Cutting in Gypsy/Flush, Channel, Princess
setting and of course Bezel Setting, did I not forget the ‘now
famous’…Tube settings?..:>)

Gerry Lewy

In August 3rd-7th I will be teaching at the “Peninsula School of
Art” in Fish Creek, WI. *There is still room, as the class is still
open to registration. The topics to be demo & discussed, will be
extensive uses of Bright-Cutting using Onglette #1 & #2 & along with
a Flat #40 graver.

Graver use is so-o important that it can’t be overlooked!!! The many
topics that will shown are *Princess, Channel, Bezel, Gypsy/Flush,
4-Prong and *6-Prong Settings. During this fantastic class of
setting, anyone may bring any of their own projects that may be
needing guidance…"*here. everyone learns & has fun!!".

Classroom I. D. is “JE1510”…Telephone (920) 868-3455.
Hope to meet my Orchid friends there!

Gerry Lewy