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Travel publications

Hi all, I am trying to put together some group trips to several
countries (Italy, Brazil, India, Sri Lanka, etc.) where we can go to
the tool factories or the cameo carving factories as well as where the
gems and semi precious stones are mined and cut ( and of course hoping
to establish some good contacts along the way). Can anyone out there
in Orchidland give me any on any publications that would
point me in the right directions of what cities (towns, villages,
etc.) where I can find these gems, tools, and jewelry made by local
artists and craftsmen. Any would be appreciated. Please
email me privately. Thank you all, @Acquaria

I hope you intend to post info about the group tours on Orchid… They
sound like ones I’d be interested in.

Dian DV

Publications, I am not aware of n. However, if you want to make such
a ‘series’ of trips to Israel; I can build you a couple of itineraries
and set you up with the right contacts.
Sheldon Rappaport

    I hope you intend to post info about the group tours on
Orchid.. They sound like ones I'd be interested in. 

Hi DianDV,

Yes, I probably will post my trips to the list. At any rate, I will
keep your email address on file and will notify you when the first
one is set up. I think it might be to India as I was there in
January and do have a few people who are already interested.

You will hear from me when it is put together.


there are some rockhounding trips being planned to So Africa in the
near futureIf you want to be notified ,contact

Hi all, I’ve been lurking lately, but as I am going to be in Germany,
Munich specifically, just after the end of school this year I thought
I’d ask if anyone here has suggestions for places to go and things to
see. Thanks,