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Transparent soldering pad

The mica you would want is called Muscovite a pale almost colorless
mica. Comes in sheets called bibles or books. Because of the near
perfect basal cleavage is it possible to split off thin flexible
sheets. It is what the old timers called isinglass The heatproof
windows in old time stoves and ranges. The reason it pops apart when
heated is you are driving off the water contained in it. About 5 per
cent is changed to steam when heated. This being a silicate mineral.
The infamous vermiculites that have caused concern because they
contain asbestos dust are mica minerals that are heated to a high
temperature to caused expansion to form a light material used as
insulation and planting material.

The best place is you can’t locate old electrical appliances to take
apart is enamel/potters suppliers. Also for smaller sized pieces
this surplus electronic sight has them for sale.

have purchased them and they are what they describe. this place has
some great pricing on things electronic. Long time customer


The best place is you can't locate old electrical appliances to take 

Actually, if you want such a thing, the best place to get it is an
enamelist’s supply. is a good one. They use mica
sheets for Pliq-A-Jour enameling - they have them, and they’re


I have a 1/2 inch slab of pure quartz that i have welded upon. It is
a broken circular shaped window from a high temperature kiln used in
the electronics industry. The surface has a frosted translucent
appearance. If you have not found a solution and if this will work,
perhaps i may be willing to let some of this go…


For many years a means of assembling products with multiple overlays
has used slide projectors.

The slide projector was placed overhead and at 90 degrees to the
working surface. The slide with the proper layout is focused on the
working surface. The projector lens is zoomed to the proper
dimensions then the lens is refocused and checked again.

How to do this.

A bracket holding the projector is made from 1 1/4 screw pipe. 4 hole
screw flange is screwed to a piece of 3/4 plywood. The long piece of
1 1/4 pipe 3 or 4 foot long is screwed on. Now get 2 set collars (
round rings with set screws to place on machined steel shafts ) which
are available from a GOOD hardware store. The set collars are
fastened ( I would weld them ) to a piece of steel, like 1/8 in plate
) big enough to hold the projector. Now mount the slide projector.

You need a slide to project so - Remove the slide projector, Fasten
the 35 mm camera, manual single lens reflex, with a good macro lens
to the same plate that the slide projector was mounted to. Light the
drawing you want to project with 2 swing arm lamps, one on each side.
Use asa 100 slide film. Focus and shoot. If your camera has a shutter
self timer Use it. Keep still while you are taking the shot.

You also have a copy stand as well. This is a one time fix - my
favorite kind.

{old Argus slide projectors are good for this. Check for them on
eBay - they are built like bricks and are not expensive.} key words -
Manual slide projector

This technique has worked in industrial environments 24 hrs day, 6
days a week.

Contact me at texeclectic(at) if I need to explain