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Transparent opals in closed settings

Hi Orchid, Ok so I know it’s considered faux pas to put a solid opal
in a closed setting. However I have been setting more or less
transparent to translucent Ethiopian Welo opals in 18k bezels as the
center of some argentium filligree mandala designs, and I’ve found
the “read-through” effect to be unworkable most of the time. The
design beneath is visible through the stone, which almost sounds
cool, but I’ve tried and it isn’t cool. Unfortunately the design
does not always permit the removal of all the metal beneath the bezel
as some of them are 3 dimensional mandala designs. So I have
reluctantly been setting a few of them in fully backed bezels. They
look fantastic actually, especially against a well polished surface,
but it alsocreates a “foil-back” effect which can be blinding in the
sun. Attempts atmatte finishing have mostly made the more transparent
stones appear cloudyor included. Black backgrounds are out of the
question. Any thoughts on all of this?

Thanks, Douglas

Douglas Contrary to what many here have professed, there is nothing
inherently wrong with solid backs for opals, as long as you are not
misrepresenting the stone.

If that is how your opals look best to you and your customer, that
is how you should make them.



there is nothing inherently wrong with solid backs for opals

No as long as the customer has seen the stone UN-SET.

Never had an argument with that.

but if making up stock to sell how can the customer judge the size
of the stone.

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