Transfer punches

    i then used transfer punches and a disc cutter to find the
center of the circle.  i placed the blank disc on my work surface,
put the disc cutter on top of the disc with the cutter upside down
so that it would hold the disc firmly, and then slid the transfer
punch into the cutter to mark the disc. 

I’ve heard about the transfer punches here on Orchid, but it’s this
step that loses me. One washer size I need is 1" outside diameter and
6/8" inside diameter…both standard disc cutter sizes. The transfer
punches I see in the Harbor Freight catalog don’t go up to 1"…I
assume I need one with the diameter of the outside in order to find
the middle? And then once you find the middle, do you then put the
disc into the smaller (i.e. 6/8") disc cutter hole, check it with a
transfer punch the size of that smaller hole, and when you’re sure
it’s aligned punch out the inside disc? If so, wouldn’t you need
transfer punches in the two exact (i.e. outside and inside diameter)
sizes? Does anyone sell them in larger (up to 1") sizes? And when you
punch the center, is it easy to keep the disc positioned in the disc
cutter even though there isn’t much material left surrounding that

Perhaps I’m completely misunderstanding the way transfer punches
work? Jean, I found your archived post mentioning the relevant
October 2002 Lapidary Journal article (“Capping Beads”) – does
anyone out there have a copy of this article they could send me?

Thanks Jean and everyone else! Jessica, battening down the hatches
for an upcoming storm in SF

Take a look at this item I found on the Harbor Freight Tools web
site. I thought you might be interested.


These are the large size -HF has the lowest prices., go to their
site and search “punch” for smaller size sets Jesse