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Transactions With Rio Grande

I must add my praises of Rio Grande to John’s. I have done business
with them for about 15 years, and not once have I been disappointed
with their products or service. I’ve found that they will gone to
extreme measures to help.I also must speak the same for
Metaliferous. A number of years ago I had been searching high and
low for a metal called Kirksite. My search ended in Great Britain. I
found that the original patent had been sold by the American family
who had invented the alloy to a firm in Great Britain. This company
referred me to Metaliferous for an almost identical alloy, which
would be cheaper for me, buying here in the USA. When I contacted
Metaliferous, I found that this particular metal was sold only in
extremely large quantities to the auto and aviation
industries;however,the person at metaliferous was very generous in
wanting to help and sold me the very small quantity that I needed
and at a very inexpensive cost I might add.Best wishes to both of
these fine companies,John Barton

I have been dealing with Rio Grande for 35 years and yes they have
grown tremendously but their service has always been terrific. I deal
with other companies also, but always return to Rio for their

Jennifer Friedman
enamelist, jewelry artisan, ceremonial silver