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Transactions with Rio Grande

I have been purchasing from Rio Grande for years and have placed
literally a hundred orders. In every instance, they have been
direct and honest. Supplies have arrived expertly packed and in
wonderful condition. In the few instances when I have returned an
item, they have been most helpful and accepted the return without
question. In addition to all of the aforementioned, they also have
been a wonderful resource for about metalworking. To be
direct… they are great. I should also add that Metaliferous is
also a great resource and best if you can visit with them.

John Fong

For my “two-pennies-worth” from Australia, I have also found Rio
Grande excellent to deal with. I usually receive my order inside 14
days (max 21) even allowing for customs clearance and shipping to Oz

  • when I have had questions, they have been answered, almost without
    exception, promptly and courteously. I hope Rio Grande have an
    excellent business, they deserve it - after all, your customers are
    your business!