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Training in Bright-Cutting from 1970's


I’ve just this moment finished my 80th essay, so what’s the big deal you ask? It consists of 45 pages of setting techniques and including 59 photographs. This is the most intensive writing I’ve had during the history of my blog which started in April 19th/2018 wh***ich now has reached 13,733 readers.***

I’ve delved into the realm of Bright-Cutting and using extensively the Onglette and Flat Gravers. Every photograph was taken with my iPhone at ‘extra closeup’ pixel range and with another close-up lens attached!

This essay was a culmination of over one month of working at my setting bench and taking photos at every step along the way. Then sending them to my computer and again putting them on my blog. THEN I wrote a text to each photograph, this is now like a ‘mini-book’.

When I was an apprentice (circa 1970), I and many of us never had this technology of the internet to reach out to so many jewellers around the world. ** Just think all of my essays are at no charge and never will be. This is my gift to you and everyone on Orchid!**