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Tradeshows - which are the best for me?

Okay, i really need help here! I am just beginning to do the shows
after 3 years of being in business and I am at a loss as to which
ones are the best for my line. I just did the Phila Buyers Market
Show and really got the feeling that the people there were not “my
buyers”. Many of the attendants were very “crafty” and more along
the lines of gallery owners, where as my line is more or less “high
end fashion jewelry”. My buyer is more of a boutique and high end
clothing store buyer with a great fashion sense. I have had a lot of
press, however the other designers in the show appeared to be much
more impressed with this then the buyers who did not seemed fazed at
all. I will say that this was a VERY slow show and am not sure if I
can really gauge my response according to that one specifically. The
problem is that i do not want to keep investing in shows if they are
not the right ones for my line. If anyone would be willing to view
my collections at and let me know which shows
may be a good fit, i would be SO so grateful!!

Laura J. Designs
Laura Jackson

Well, you already know who your buyer is, you said so. Boutiques and
high fashion places. Where do those store owners shop? Can you sell
by selling directly to those stores?

I looked at your site, It seems like maybe a Gift show OR a fashion
trade show – are there any? I have no idea. There are a lot of Gift
shows, but do boutique buyers go to those?

Are you in stores already? Can you call one of your stores and talk
to the owners and say you want to do a trade show, does she go to
one? Can she recommend one?

Even if most of the other vendors have clothes, that could be the
place for you.

Metalsmith since 1990
and Certified PMC Instructor


I would recommend you consider the Fashion Accessories Show in NYC,
also the trade shows at regional markets such as Atlanta, Dallas and
Denver(just as examples). Consider perhaps being carried by an
industry rep in a market that will have you in their showrooms. These
showrooms are in all the regional and major markets. Accessories
magazine is a good venue to contact for possible editorial coverage
as it is a good industry publication and they have a big hand in the
Accessories Show at Javits Center in NYC. You can walk the floor of
many of these shows before you decide to put your money into it.
Starting regionally is a good place because the costs are lower and
many boutique owners shop regionally. The press you have garnered
will take you far in these types of trade show attendees.

Before I was a studio jeweler I was in the retail business for many