Trademarks: Lawyer or do-it-yourself

Hi Everybody, Thanks to everyone who answered my tumbler question.
This one is slightly off topic, but I’m sure a lot of you have been
through it, so I’ll ask. I’m going to trademark my logo. I’ve
already got the forms, however the website stipulates that you can
search the database and still be rejected even if it appears from
THEIR data that no one else is using your logo or one like it. If
this happens they will not return your filing fee. I can’t afford to
lose the cash. I really think this is do-able on my own. Is it
better to pay a lawyer to do it, or should I try it myself and risk
losing my filing fee? Please let me know how YOU did it, on your own
or by a lawyer. Thanks, Augest

Augest - It has been my personal experience that trademarks and
patents require an attorney, while copyrights can be best done
yourself. As you noted, not having access to the trademark "book"
could cause you to lose your application fee - this is where an
attorney who practices in patent and trademark law really pays off.
They have the resources to research and practically guarantee that a
trademark THAT THEY APPROVE will be issued.

It is certainly not inexpensive to have a trademark attorney do the
work, but it is always safer done that way.

Mike Aurelius President Aura Lens Products, Inc. mailto:@Mike_Aurelius

Augest I did it myself. I have a monogram style hallmark. I went
into the Trademark office and looked through the registered hallmark
files under the initials used in my monogram hallmark. I found
nothing similar, so I filled out and filed the papers. The whole
process took 18 months from start to finish. You also have to pay to
renew the hallmark around 6 years after it’s been issued and that
cost another $100. Donna in VA