Trademarks in Canada

    I will say that in 10 years, I've never seen a case brought
against a jeweler who marked the correct metals content (no
underkarating) but didn't use a registered trademark. (I'm told the
law doesn't even provide for penalties in such a case.) 

Hello Suzanne,

True, I wasn’t prosecuted but about 23 yrs ago I had a visit from a
jeweller friend of mine and he left me with a couple of trays of
silver rings to display in our shop. The next morning two suited
gentlemen showed up and asked to purchase one of the rings from
these trays.

They informed me that they knew where I had got these rings and that
had already told my friend to destroy them as they were stamped
sterling but not trade marked or signed. They said that I would not
be prosecuted but my receipt entitled me to a witness subpoena if my
friend was.

Of course they took the trays…and their money, but I never
heard more nor did my friend. I understand the policy is destroy it
and keep the scrap or lose it entirely. I understand the Consumer
and Corporate Affairs Canada Field operatives (our jewellery police)
are still just as diligent these days.