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[Trade Talk] The state of education


Dear Rex, I would like to start some dialog with you on the state
of education in the trade. I am goinig to New York August 1 - 4
for the JA International Jewelers Show. As a part of the JA Bench
Jewelers Certification Advisory Panel. I hope we address the
state of education in our field and I would appreciate any
comments you would have.

Best Regards,

TR the Teacher & student


Hello TR! Glad to hear your on the panel! Please be an upstart!
With the utmost respect for JA, keep in mind their emphasis is
primarily for the benefit retailer’s not tradespeople. In
general we as a trade have much to gain with JA than without
them. With JA certification program we can only benefit I feel.

Mark Mann (with JA) will also be on that panel. He is a former
bench jeweler. I spoke before a group with Mark in attendance at
a meeting at Highline Community College. My agenda at that time
ran closely with what appeared to be the next step for JA. That
would be a comprehensive training program for jewelry
salespeople. Currently this effort, if any, is bore by the
tradeshops. Usually by the boss or top jewelers; often on their
own time. We are a rare industry to so little upfront training
available for our salespeople. If they were to take in near the
amount of repair and custom that is really available; we would
be swamped with work. Of course only if the work and
instructions were taken in correctly.

In speaking with Mark on this topic, it was of paramount
importance and was next after getting the Certification program

Give my regards to Mark, and let the force be with you!

Tim Dooley