[Trade Show] MJSA Expo New York 2010

Hello Jewelry makers of all size and shape!

MJSA Expo NY starts this Sunday, March 14 and runs till Tuesday,
March 16- are you attending?

Anyone who makes jewelry should be there. Expo attendee numbers are
skyrocketing, and exhibitors are excited!

Are you planning on attending? What exhibitor, product, service or
supply are you looking forward to most? Please let me know of any
feed back you have.

Visit MJSA EXPO New York’s Home Page:

And this link to see the list of MJSA EXPO New York Exhibitors:

Thank you

Corrie Silvia
Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America

Hi All,

Just finished attending the MJSA show in NYC. Wow. MJSA, you knocked
this one out of the park! The new venue at the NYC Hilton was
friendly, cozy and chocked with incredible I saw old
friends, made new ones, and reconnected with vendors that I see only
once a year.

The layout was perfect in layering three floors of equipment,
services and gems and beads. It was easy to find transportation and
quick yummy eats. The vendors were informative, eager to answer
questions and were extremely helpful with questions. I’ve been
invited to three factory tours in my own backyard!

The whole look was cohesive, and filled with positive energy. I
didn’t manage to get upstairs to say hi to all of you personally,
that’s how busy I was learning about new products and services.

Congrats MJSA! I am so proud to be a member of such a fine
organization that really has turned the corner and has responded in a
flexible and professional manner to serve this industry.

Karen Christians