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Trade opportunity

Fellow gemlovers,

I received the following letter which I am passing along to the list.
The gentleman is a web site designer who wants to trade a website design
for a set of wedding rings. A nice opportunity, I think, for the right
person. Please contact Mr. Steele directly if you are interested.


Barbara W. Smigel, PhD
Artistic Colored Stones
850 South Rancho Drive #2387
Las Vegas, Nevada 89106
(702) 382-0694 email: @smigelb

web site:

Dear Sir:

My name is Jeremiah Steele. I am founder and project director for a web
creations firm by the name of @Net Creations. I write this letter to ask
your help in the matter of obtaining a special wedding set - particularly
an engagement ring - for my fianc�e and our upcoming marriage.

My situation is somewhat unique. I did not propose. She did. I was not
expecting this change in my circumstances (although I welcome it!).
Unfortunately, I have been channeling all my resources into my business.
This leaves me tight for cash at the present . . .

Would you be able to refer me to a fellow gemcutter who might be
interested in a trade? I am willing to build a web site of
highest-quality for a gemcutter who makes me a highest-quality platinum
classic wedding set (with a 1/4 carat stone on the engagement ring). a
site such as what I am willing to build would probably cost $2000 -
15,000. I think you would agree that my proposition favors the gemcutter .
. . (and I should mention further that I’ll be wanting to return to the
gemcutter at many anniversaries for a special present for her.)

Could you be of any help to me? Can you refer me to anyone, or would you
be interested in a trade of services? I would very much appreciate the
option. Thank you so very much!

With regards,

Jeremiah Steele