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[Trade Alert] [Fraud] Diamond Transfer for

Precedence: bulk

I have been sending many of these emails to abuse@ (my internet
service provider) and also to the internet provider that the email was
generated from. In this case hotmail. I have had so many of these
types of emails sent to all three of my business accounts.


Precedence: bulk

Hi Daniel; Thanks. I’ve seen a varient on this already in a recent
e-mail about a royal fleeing his country and would I be able to hold
all his money. It’s a classic “pigeon drop” con. Before they give
you the “merchandise”, they’ll ask for a “good faith” deposit,
probably all you can get for them from your bank account without
tipping off the teller. They’re never seen again, and you finally
open the package to see it’s only a bag of dirt or newspaper. It’s
as old as the hills, only thing that changes is the story.

David L. Huffman