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[Trade Alert] [Fraud] Diamond Transfer for Investment

I am forwarding the following email that I received for Orchid
members to see as I believe quite firmly that this is a new scam
coming out of a different country in Africa than most of the recent
ones have been coming from (usually Nigeria, I believe). I would urge
any of you who receive this or a similar email to put it where it
belongs—in the trash.

Daniel R. Spirer, G.G.
Spirer Somes Jewelers
1794 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02140

hello Daniel and others on Orchid! I received only 4 of them in only
two days! the bloody garbage that is running amok in our internet. I
heard that some time ago, there was one poor fellow who ‘ran towards
this e-mail’. He was kidnapped and held captive, and escaped barely
alive! hitting the ‘delete’ button is the best thing you can do…gerry!

In the past 3 months, I received similar e-mail either from a
Congolese army captain in exile, the attorney of a rich oil engineer
or the prince of some unknown African country. They all had some money
(15 to 25 million us$) and goods( diamonds and gold) they needed to
transfer from Nigeria. All had in common this “security vault company"
where the goods are stored. When I received the first e-mail, I got
curious and called a friend in the banking business in Nigeria: He
confirmed to me that this was a very well known scam where the victim
would be attracted to earn a good commission (1 to 5 millions) in
return of securing the transfer of goods outside Nigeria. Now, what
the victim does not know is that when his gets involved, he would be
asked time after time to pay for some “expenses” ( a few small
thousands that would end up in tens of thousands) to help finalize the
"transaction”. The victim would gladly at first pay for those expenses
when he is promised millions in return. Eventually, he will see the
transaction is not coming through, and after having spend a lot, he
will break the deal. This scam happened to many people. After loosing
their money, they tried to go to the Nigerian authorities seeking for
some help, but unfortunately without any luck. It seems that Nigerian
police are helpless or they just haven’t "heard, seen are spoke"
anything. Be careful.

Fady Sawaya
3D designer