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Tracking customer satisfaction

Tracking Customer Satisfaction and how well employees handle them on
the internet

I was helping a store yesterday and they told me of this neat
feature for tracking customer contacts. Have no clue where to get it,
you’ll have to investigate, although I did type “live chat” in Google
and found a few companies who offer it, see link.:

  1. They have on their website “Click here for live chat”

So when a customer goes to this stores website and clicks on LIVE
CHAT, a computer in the back has a pop up screen and they send an
old fashion telephone ring to the speakers. You click on it and start
a back & forth text message between you and the customer.

I’ve done it with other companies/my bank/etc I use and love it. Its
fast & easy.

His Live Chat button emails him a transcription of the back and forth
conversation. He was APALLED! The employees typing gave no real
interest and if you read between the lines you could see the
employees brain waves said “I can’t wait to get off of this dumb

He’s trying to train those staff members to use it correctly.

  1. Their internet marketing company he uses has placed those little
    ads you see to the left and right of sites you visit on the internet
    that advertises their store. Smart.

When you click on their ad it brings you to their website BUT…
there is a DIFFERENT number to dial the store rather than the real
one. This way they can track how many people call from internet

But what’s better is the PHONE CALL IS RECORDED. I “think” there’s a
written transcription but not sure. Anyway again he was APPALLED.
Terrible phone manners, no “get them into the store”, just

He’s played the calls at sales meetings and even the staff who’s
voices are on the recordings is amazed how bad they sound.

He’s into training for that as well.

The possibilities are out there to do better. I don’t know who’s the
marketing company he uses.

Great stuff if you use it right.

David Geller