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Toxic levels of metals (in hair)

When I replied to the original post on this I wasn’t aware that
apparently hair testing has become associated in some instances with
less than fully adequate evaluation programs. Hair testing per se is a
valuable technique, mainly because it can be used to indicate how the rate
of accumulation has varied over time. In that case it would always be
used after blood testing and probably other tests too, say on liver and
kidney function. I can only agree with the others who have urged that
these tests be done first. It isn’t clear whether or not that was done in
this case.

Kevin (not a doctor, but involved with industrial hygiene)
Kevin Eva, Northern England, UK
@Kevin_Eva (home) (work)

Hi Kevin;
This statement made in the orchid forum is what prompted me to get in
touch with you . The event which prompted all of this was the discovery
that for an unknown span of time the drinking water lines in our plant
had been cross connected with lines carying chilled process water . I am
not the only person affected by this contamination. I suspect heavy metal
and petrochemical contamination. What would be a reasonable sequence of
investigation to determin if contamination has occured and the extent of
it. Thank You

Robert L.Powell