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Tourmaline in San Diego mine

Hello, Ganoksin gurus: I would like to go buy Tourmaline beads in
bulk at the mine in San Diego before Dec. 19. I head the colors are
nice there. Could anyone point me the direction to the wholesale
dealers at the mine? I live in bay area, California. I figure that I
don’t need to wait for the Tucson show if I can get it near the
mine. Thanks very much in advance. A l i c i a

Alicia, I have been to several Tourmaline mines in the San Diego
area. The only one I have found to have a shop connected to it is
Stewart Mine Gems of Pala. You can try calling them to see if they
have beads. (760) 742-1356. <>

the other place you can contact is in Fallbrook, There is a gem shop
Pala International, I think that is the name. Richard Hughes is the
webmaster for that site. See if you can find it via google. I
misplaced the bookmark, sorry. Teresa