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[Toronto] Jewelry Photographer Wanted

Does anyone know a good professional jewelry photographer in the
Toronto area?


Beth Pierson

Beth, Being a very large manufacturer of fine jewellery, I can
recommend a company by the name of Kamdar Studios…ask for Ron
Katz, he is amazing. His number is 416 504-4232. Let me know if it
works for you. @Ron_Wahl_A_A_Group_o.

Dear Skye:

I am also from Toronto, Canada…and I would like to reccommend a
wonderful jewellery photographer who is also a very good friend of
mine that went to the same Course at school with me…If you
respond to my email I will give you the particulars about this
person and how to get in touch with her…She has photographed the
likes of us who are very predominant in the field with much

Bryna Tracy
One of a Kind Jewellery and Design

P.S. Please be patient for an answer as I will be away from the
puter till June 15th. Also…I have ICQ…and if you are interested
in adding yourself to my Orchid ICQ list please let me know.