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Torches - Natural Gas

Hi ! I’'ve been away for awhile and have had to spend a lot of
time catching up on things. I have a natural gas torch and love
it. I had NG in the house and the plumber dropped two extra
lines for me very cheaply. Because the gas is regulated by the
city, no regulator is needed at the house or tank or whatever.
(Where I am, it’s a standard 6lbs., I believe). I have an
oxygen tank bolted to the wall with a regulator and a Y
connection (each with it’s own close-off valve), so that I can
have a second torch hooked up if I want to. You do have to have
a torch tip specifically for natural gas, but I think that it has
to do with the size of the jets. There are a number of torch
types out there that can be used with NG; I happen to have a
Hoke, which was different to use after having used the acetylene
torch in my classes - but I like it a lot. You can buy any
number of tips to use with it, from very tiny micro tips to the
big melting tips. What you use may really have a lot to do with
what you have been used to, but I think NG is clean (and my
basement studio is already dirty enough) and it is hot enough to
do what I want with it. Laura