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Torches and gemmology

For soldering I now use the mini torch made in the U.S I have
found acetylene to scary with several students turning the gas up
full then hanging it up. Acetylene is also costly now I use
propane for general work with some of the tips enlarged or cut
off for meltdowns this works well unless you use white gold or
platinum when you may need extra heat. I reckon though you can
use any system we used to do reclaws with a large tip directly on
a propane bottle don’t think i would like to try that now.
Gemmology A great subject I studied it about 15 years ago and
have never regretted it what you learn will last a lifetime. I
found that some of the concepts were hard to comprehend and
asking others was really helpful. If you have any areas you can’t
understand please feel free to ask me I love talking stones etc.
All the best Gerald.

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