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Torch ultra-basics

I am embarrassed to have to ask such a basic question, but…how do
you light a torch? It tkaes me a dozen tries to get it going.

It’s a butane pencil-size torch. When I aim the gas stream at the
lit match, the gas burns at the flame but doesn’t “catch” the flame
and ignite the rest of the stream; as soon as the match burns out,
the flame is gone.

The torch ignites if the gas stream is very low, but as soon as I
turn up the gas supply, it blows itself out.


Janet, It IS a basic question but not a dumb one! Many people have
the same problem at first so don’t be embarrassed.

If the force of the flame is too hard, it will blow itself out.
Second, if the tip or head of the torch is cold (cool) the gasses are
not completely gassified (sp) and are not as volatile because the
fuel gas to air ratio has not stabilized.

Try this these steps…first heat the head of the torch with your
flame. Second, barely turn on the gas and then light it. Keep it low
for about 10 secs until the head really warms up and then gently open
it full. This should solve your problem.

Cheers from Don at The Charles Belle Studio in SOFL where simple
elegance IS fine jewelry! @coralnut2

Hi Janet . The best way I have learnt to light a torch is turn the
gas - propane in my case , but butane also - on just a little amount
( not full on ) , then hold your lighter , or match , so that the
flame is on the torch tip and flowing past it to the gas - not
directly in the gas flow , which will blow it out . I find it lights
every time . Best wishes Philip in sunny Nelson @Wellsie