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Torch that is easy to understand

I am very new at making jewelry and want to buy my own mini-torch.
The classes I’ve been taking are just about over and so will be my
acsess to equipment. I want to get a torch that is easy to understand
how to set up, will get hot enough, and isn’t terribly expensive.
Also for right now a small one will be fine until I can sell some
things and get a big set up. I make pendants, rings, and earrings,
all sort of small to medium sized. Haven’t made any big chunky pieces
yet. Any suggestions?

Debra Stravinsky

You could try a Blazer, which runs on Butane, and can be bought at
most hardware stores…but if you want something a little more
versatile, try

They carry a pinpoint propane torch that uses a standard disposable
propane tank and burns at 3350 degrees F.It comes with an adjustable
control knob, a 4-foot hose,a pinpoint flame tip and a torch stand.
The setup without the tank sells for $54.95 plus shipping and you
get about 30 hours out of a tank, which costs only a couple of
dollars. The catalogue number for it is #81657. It’s quite adequate
for working on small stuff , and even when you move to the more
sophisticated torch setups for heavier work, you’ll still find it
very handy.


Hi Debra,

I have always used an air/acetylene torch. I have used it to solder
everything from sterling and gold earrings to 30 ounce pieces of
sterling pottery. I have soldered findings to gold rings and
earrings. You can buy various sizes of tips which will give you a
small flame to work on small items and very large flame to work on
big items.

My guess is that a mini torch might not work too well on a large
piece of silver because of silvers rapid rate of heat transfer. An
acetylene torch is probably the least expensive way to go which will
allow you to solder any size or material you want to. It is very
simple to use.

Lee Epperson