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Torch Safety

Hi all, There has been a lot of discussion about torches lately,
but there was a specific aspect I was concerned about. I’ve been
using good old propane self-ignitors for years and
oxy/acetylene/and or propane off and on, but I’ve never really
considered dangers and safety issues until I started teaching my
high schools kids the basics. We had a regulator keeping a small
flow of propane into the room for about 5 min until I noticed the
odor, it was a standard BernzOmatic tip with a spark ignitor. Then
my personal self ignitor, about 2 years old, kept a small flame
going a week later no matter how many times I opened and shut the
valve. And now one of my other tips keeps surging, little flame/big
flame! Of course, every time I took them outside and removed the
tip and vented the room, but this didn’t seem normal. :frowning: Now I’m
gun shy, seeing my students holding those torches is making me
nervous. I’ve even been hesitant to use my oxy/propane since then.
Was this lightning striking repeatedly or something I’ll get used
to the more I work with torches. I’d thought 10 years or so would
be enough, but perhaps I was wrong. Any thoughts? Thanks,

Terry Swift
Midwest America