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Torch or regulators problems?

I have been using one set of tanks and regulators to run two smith
mini torches for years now. The regulators are about 5 years old and
seem to be holding pressure just fine. The problem is that my number
4 torch tip, the one I use for most everything is blowing out. I used
to be able to really crank it up for a quick solder. I have tried to
adjust the regulators, that hasn’t helped. When I put a larger tip
on, I get the black soot that acetylene is known for. I am ready to
throw out the regulators and buy some new ones. But not knowing if
that will help, I hesitate to do that. Any suggestions?

Thanks, Janine in Redding.

If you are blowing out on the acetylene your regulator should be
turned down as you have to much pressure set on the on the regulator,
you should just hear the gas coming out of the tip when adjusting
your regulator, and it should be a loud hiss.

If you are getting black smoke when using your # 4 tip, most likely
the tip is not getting enough oxygen, check to see if you are getting
enough oxygen through the oxygen nozzle and hose. To do this simply
hold the nozzle to your ear, if not enough oxygen is coming out it
could be the regulator, you would only have to buy the one regulator.

Have a good day.

Janine you can always have the regulators rebuilt at your local
welding supply house. Much cheaper than new.

Frank Goss

Have you tried reaming out the orifice at the very end? sometimes
debris partially blocks the openning causing an erratic flame.
Another source of problems can be if the Acetylene tank has been
stored or transported on it’s side and the acetone used to hold the
acetylene in solution has gotten into the hoses or regulators. This
will burn dirty.

Dan Wellman

PS Some welding suppliers rebuild regulators, torches etc and can
either rebuild yours or sell you a replacement cheaper than new.

You might try cleaning your torch tip. You may have some build up
that is hendering the flow of acetylene. If that does not help then I
don’t know what the problem is. It sounds like your regulators are

Good luck.

hi janine,

The problem is that my number 4 torch tip, the one I use for most
everything is blowing out. I used to be able to really crank it up
for a quick solder. 

maybe some fine dust in the torch nozzle? i’ve recently returned to
jewellery-making, & when i dug out my old torch nozzles from
"storage" they were blowing-out. i took them apart & gave all the
bits a thorough blasting with an air compressor & that cured it.


I recently followed an Orchid tip, and took all the studio tips into
the UltraSonic and gave them a good vibration. Seemed to clear some


I once had problems with my acetylene torch. I can’t remember the
specific problem but it was no longer soldering as it had. I check my
regulator, handpiece etc. I finally ordered a new tip. On comparing
my old tip to my new tip I found the old tip had a considerably
larger orifice then the new one. Over time it had just burned out.
Once the new tip was in place, all was well.