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Torch issues

I’m having trouble with my prestolite torch, when I turn it on at first the pressure is strong but it fades away unless I open the valve on the torch head more and more and then it seems to be fine. I thought it might be the hose since it was 35yrs old so I replaced it and it’s little better. The regulator is only 6yrs old, my old regulator lasted almost 30 yrs.
Oh also the torch itself is 35yrs old.

My money is on the regulator. But torch could be in need of a replacement too. My Dad’s set up was easily forty years of when I replaced it. And I did that “Just Cuz”. Entropy is always with us.

Don Meixner.
---- Chris Makin wrote:

I have had regulator diaphragms go bad and had to replace them. Well, had a guy at the welding supply shop replace them.

I went through a bunch years ago. So many that I always kept a spare regulator. We would always turn the regulator key at night to close the diaphragm and close the tank. Then in the morning, open the tank then adjust the key to the desired pressure. That pop of pressure from opening the tank seemed to be what was wrecking the diaphragm. For many years now I never touch the regulator key. I just close the tank. That eliminated my problem.

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Is it righty tighty on the regulator


---- Chris Makin wrote: