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Torch firing Millefiori

Hi everyone. What is the best way to get millefiori beads to melt on a piece of copper using a torch?
At the moment the only way I can get them to melt is to use two blow torches, one from below and one above (trying not to ‘touch’ the enamel, just the bead), and then giving the bead a gentle squish with something flat. The result is that the bead isn’t quite smooth/ moves out of place or the design becomes a little distorted.

What kind of torch are you using? When I use millefiori, I use my MapGas torch. It melts it with no problem.

I use a butane torch. I will look into the MAPP torch thank you

~I’ve had a quick look online at Mapp gas and it does seem more expensive than butane. Does it last well for you? Thanks