Top 3 Orchid Tips

I put in a gob of time on a spinning ring, and had a problem with
the top. I worked with a jeweler friend to come up with a solution to
fix the problem. This fix included drilling holes into the side of
the ring for some rivets. I broke the drill bit in the side of the

But, since I have orchid seeds planted in my head, I remember
reading alum dissolves drill bits. I tried it, it took about 24
hours, and the drill bit was gone. Saved!

It’s one of many Orchid tips that have helped me. Here are my top
three tips from Orchid:

  1. Drill bit dissolves in alum (today this is number 1)

  2. Make smooth sterling silver balled ends by holding your finger
    over one of the air holes on an acetylene torch, and bring the ball
    into the blue part of the flame just for a second, after the ball

  3. Just do the work. This is paraphrased, but it was a point made
    during the “I lost my inspiration” discussion. I think John Donivan
    said it. The point was (or the interpretation that worked for me)
    that it doesn’t matter if you want to, or don’t want to, if you have
    the inspiration, or if you don’t. Just do it.

What are your top 3?